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Mastering Software

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This is a special software that allows you to adjust individual songs in the final step of producing a musical work. The goal is to fit the songs to each other (volume and sound color). In addition, it allows to adjust the dynamic range of the entire work so that the dynamic range is optimally used. The result of mastering should be the audio material for the production of the audio carrier (e.g. CD).

This mastering software allows to make final edits of the songs as well as the whole work at once. This is mainly about adjusting the volume and frequency spectrum (sound color). However, it should be remembered that the sound is adjusted only minimally and very sensitively when mastering.

I successfully used this program to finish my CD.

In the current version of the program, there are 3 types of sound modifiers - parametric equalizer, volume change and limiter. It is possible to add any number of the modifiers in the edits of individual songs and the whole work. The program also displays peak levels and their decibel values - so you can set all mastering parameters so that the media dynamic range is optimally used and the maximal sound level is not exceeded (which would cause an audible distortion).

Program inputs are WAV single-track files, best in 24-bit resolution. Finally, it is possible to render all tracks and save them as 16-bit WAV-files (CDs) or as 24-bit WAV-files (for other purposes).

Internally, the program works in 32-bit sound resolution with a floating decimal point. The parametric equalizer can contain any number of individual filters.

The program is written in Java and should therefore work in all major operating systems.

Screenshot of main window:


Screenshot of parametric equalizer setting window:


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