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Wood and metal products
dulcimer dulcimer dulcimer dulcimer
Description: acoustic musical instrument
Number of strings: 58
Number of tones: 44
Tone range: 3 and half octave - chromatically H2 to D#6, also F6, G6 and A6
Accessories: foldable wooden stand, wooden carved hammers on one side covered with leather, textile patchwork cover
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cajon cajon cajon
Description: percussion musical instrument
Material: birch and spruce plywood, high-quality beech construction
Decor: motif of woodpecker
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kalimba kalimba kalimba
Description: musical instrument
Material: spruce and beech wood, metal
Design: resonance cabinet
Tuning: pentatonic, tunable
Number of tones: 9
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labyrint labyrint labyrint labyrint
A puzzle for practicing memory, imagination and touch.
The labyrinth is permanently hidden inside - it cannot be seen.
Material: spruce wood, steel ball
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zvonkohra zvonkohra zvonkohra
Description: musical instrument
Material: metal, spruce wood
Tuning: chromatic, equal tempered tuning
Number of tones: 32
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shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes
Material: cotton, rubber sole, leather, rubber band
Various sizes and colors
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balerinky balerinky balerinky balerinky
Outer material: genuine leather
Sizes: EU 35 - EU 44
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ukazka ukazka ukazka ukazka ukazka More information

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