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MIDI-Interface Tester

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Download the program:

download MIDI_Interface_Tester.exe - version for Windows
download MIDI_Interface_Tester.jar - version for Windows, Linux, Mac

To run this program, you must have Java JRE installed.

About the project

This is a simple program that tests the functionality of the MIDI interface - the throughput of all types of MIDI messages. As practice has shown, not all MIDI interfaces support all MIDI messages, or even for some MIDI messages, some interfaces are malfunctioning (e.g. M-Audio).

MIDI-interface test procedure

The MIDI interface must be connected to the computer, turned on and installed. The MIDI cable is connected to the interface's output (MIDI OUT) and a input (MIDI IN) of the same interface. The MIDI_Interface_Tester program starts, the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT are selected and the test is started.

The program will send through the selected MIDI interface MIDI messages, it will receive these messages and evaluates correctness. It does not test the MIDI type of "Active Sensing" (most of the interfaces ignore this type of MIDI message). It also tests the throughput of large "System Exclusive" (SysEx) messages - some interfaces function correctly only up to a certain length of this message.

For more detailed troubleshooting, it is possible to send and receive test MIDI messages with two different MIDI interfaces - to see if there is a problem on the MIDI OUT or MIDI IN side.

If a problem occurs during the test, the interface (or its driver) may get into a bad state and may require it to be restarted. Also, in the case of a problem, the next phase of the test may not be performed.

Tested MIDI-interfaces

!!! Please send me test results of other MIDI-interfaces !!!
You can contact me » here «.

MIDI-interface type Operating system Found problems Test performed by
Roland UM-ONE-MK2 Windows XP without error R. Konečný
Windows 8 without error R. Konečný
DELOCK Cable USB 2.0 Windows XP SysEx messages that are longer than approximately 512 bytes, will freeze R. Konečný
Windows 8 SysEx messages that are longer than approximately 512 bytes, will freeze R. Konečný
M-AUDIO MIDISPORT 4x4 Anniversary Edition Windows 7 Not all MIDI messages are implemented, malfunctioning R. Konečný
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