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KORG M1 Filer

(program for management of the settings and songs in the KORG M1)

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This is a computer program that can store all the settings and sequencer data from my synthesizer KORG M1. The KORG M1 has no way of storing its data directly, but is able to send it all out via MIDI. It is also capable of receiving such data from MIDI and storing it in its memory. Since I had created hundreds of songs on the KORG M1 and needed to store them somewhere, this program was extremely important to me.

The program was originally written for my Atari 1040 ST, later for PC for MS-DOS and later for Windows and other operating systems.

The current version is written in Java, so it should work on different types of computer and operating system. In addition to the original basic functions for convenient and clear management of stored data, it also allows analysis of synth data and some modifications that KORG M1 cannot do (e.g. transposition of notes in the sequencer, swapping of tracks and songs, analysis of sequencer data, etc.). In addition, it allows conversion of KORG M1 sequencer data to a MID file, even without the KORG M1 connected.

The current program communicates with the KORG M1 via a standard MIDI interface. The program can view and edit all stored data even without the KORG M1 connected.

If you are interested in the program, please contact me.

The program also allows to manage the KORG M1's features that it has acquired thanks to my extensive remake (more » here «) - namely the samples that I can already put into the KORG M1.

Screenshots - Atari ST version:

Version for Atari ST 1040 - title screen Version for Atari ST 1040

Screenshots - MS-DOS version:

Version for PC (MS-DOS)

Screenshots - Current multi-platform version:

Version for PC (Java) List of the sounds List of samples List of drum samples Overview of the sequencer Overview of the sequencer patterns Comparison of a set of sounds

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