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Antkeeper - Real-time Simulator of Ant-keeping

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This simulator is a Tamagotchi-like game, designed to simulate real ant-keeping in a test-tube and in a formicarium.

Download the application - version V1.2.24:

antkeeper.apk (4 MB) - mobile version for Android
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The application is in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Czech and Slovak.

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Controlling of the simulator:

  • the simulator simulates real ant-keeping, i.e. the user must wait for individual events as if they were really. The application does not need to run continuously,
  • the user may have multiple keepings at a time (1 to 5),
  • the user can choose species of ants, Lasius niger and Messor structur are available,
  • the user can change the environment temperature,
  • the user can rehouse the colony into a new test-tube, choose the material of the new test-tube (glass or plastic) and the material of the padding (cotton wool, viscose wadding or synthetic wool),
  • when the conditions are met, the user can rehouse the colony into a formicarium. The conditions are: 1. the user had to check the keeping at least once a week for the last month, 2. there must be at least 5 (ideal at least 20) workers,
  • when keeping in a formicarium, the user must maintain the necessary humidity by adding water. A digital hygrometer is available,
  • the user can add or remove food and choose different types of food,
  • the current state can be exported and imported,
  • the user can restart the keeping,
  • it can be chosen from several styles of visualization.

The simulator simulates the following:

  • evaporation of water from the test-tube (depends on the temperature and material of the test-tube),
  • after complete evaporation of water the humidity decreases in the test-tube,
  • increase in mold in the test-tube (depends on temperature, material of padding and on humidity),
  • rising and falling humidity in the formicarium, gradual soaking of added water and humidity measurement with the digital hygrometer,
  • the presence of ants; the ant can be queen, egg, larva, pupa or worker,
  • simulation of Lasius niger or Messor structor,
  • the presence of food; the proportion of proteins, saccharides, non-eatable rest in the food and fluidity of the food,
  • movement of ants, transfer of eggs, larvas and pupas, transfer of food, transfer of food rest, transfer of dead ants. Movement is done once per minute,
  • the growth of the queen for the first few years,
  • the decline of the bearability of the queen,
  • ovulation simulation - it takes some time to produce an egg,
  • if the queen is fertilized, she has enough energy and the temperature is appropriate, she lays eggs. If the number of eggs is sufficient (depends on the number of workers and other factors), she stops laying eggs,
  • simulation of the queen's stress from a large space and the influence of stress on her fertility,
  • simulation of the lifetime of ant,
  • natural decrease in ant energy,
  • death of the ant for lack of energy,
  • death of the ant for lack of humidity,
  • death of the ant for high temperature,
  • in the absence of energy processing of food from the stomach,
  • eating food (whole or part of it),
  • with a large lack of energy and an empty stomach, killing an egg (first chooses the youngest dead egg, then the youngest living egg),
  • egg development (depends on temperature),
  • development and growth of larva (depends on temperature and proteins in the food),
  • feeding the larva,
  • development and growth of pupa (depends on temperature and proteins),
  • simulation of pupa's cocoon,
  • birth of a worker,
  • feeding the queen and the workers (feeding to each other),
  • rehousing into a new test-tube or a formicarium,
  • stress from low or high humidity in the formicarium and speeding up of the rehousing.

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