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Download the demo-version of the program:

download 3D_Editor.exe - demo-version for Windows
For other operating systems - on request.

To run this program, you must have Java JRE installed.

In demo version, it is not possible to save a 3D-object to a file. If you are interested in buying a full version of this program, please contact me. New future versions of this software are included.

The program is used to create, view and render three-dimensional (mainly technical) drawings. Viewing is done with orthographic projection - no perspective (this is a more convenient way to draw technical drawings). The editor works with the tree structure of 3D-objects (nested objects). All point coordinates are stored and processed with high precision. Undo and Redo are available in the program (up to 100 steps). Undo and Redo can be saved to a 3D-object file, so that when starting the program and loading a 3D-object, Undo and Redo are also available. Also, all program settings and dialog boxes are saved to a 3D-object file.

The output can be a rendered image in PNG format (with transparent color support), SVG vector graphics file (2D-image with lines, with optional polygonal fill) or image set for 1:1 printing (even a large drawing is cut into parts that can be printed on a regular printer). So, it is possible to obtain drawings at the necessary scale. The graphics in the SVG file is as well tree-structured as the 3D-object, including the names of all parts (this is appropriate for the additional editing of SVG's).
It is also possible to import 2D-drawings from HP-GL format.

Rendering is possible in five different modes. 3D-drawing can also be rendered as a depth map (e.g. to create a stereogram).

Modes of rendering:

Rendering is done without shadows. There are 26 different light directions available.

Light directions:

nahlad nahlad nahlad nahlad nahlad nahlad nahlad nahlad

The program also allows 3D-viewing by anaglyph method using colorful 3D-glasses (red/cyan or other colors - adjustable):

A small demonstration of the precision of coordinates:

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