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Additional Sound Sets for Interactive Musical System

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These are sets of precisely recorded foley sounds. Each set is processed and designed for 8- and 15-tone special keyboard of the Interactive musical system. This means that each key or "string" corresponds one particular sound of that set. It is not about the sounds that can be used to play melodies, but about foley (ambient) sounds that can vary the use of the Interactive musical system, or they can serve to teach recognition of various types of activities or phenomena from our surroundings.

Thanks to the stereo recording technology, all sounds are authentic and spatial.

In most cases, sounds are recorded multiple times and one of them is randomly selected during the play. Thanks to that, such a "musical instrument" does not sound machine-like.

Current offer

Individual sound sets
"Sounds of nature"
The sound set contains sounds from nature (various natural environments and animals living in our country).
Price: 49,00
"Human in environment"
The sound set contains sounds that create human in the environment either by means of transport or by industrial activity.
Price: 49,00
"Sounds of household"
The sound set contains sounds from a standard household.
Price: 49,00
The sound set contains sounds from various environments where there are more people gathered.
Price: 49,00
Multipack - 4 sets
Sound sets "Sounds of nature", "Human in environment", "Sounds of household" and "People"
Price: 169,00 (you save: 27,00 €)
Multipack - 3 sets
3 sound sets according to your choice
Price: 135,00 (you save: 12,00 €)
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