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House Models with Lighting

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  • LED in each window, microcomputer controlled,
  • the rooms are lighting as if people were living there (a special pseudo-random sequence is used),
  • always light min. 25% and max. 75% of the lights,
  • some lights (e.g. light above the door) light only a short time,
  • simulation of light bulb slope, including exponential light decay,
  • low price, low power consumption,
  • powered by a 9V battery (the battery is inside the house), it can also be powered by a digital DCC signal or other power source.

Designing light-boxes Light-boxes Light-boxes Light-boxes Light-boxes Light-box with a LED Light-boxes in the house Control electronics All is in the house Finished lighting Finished lighting

Example of special pseudo-random 5-hour sequence - always light min. 25% and max. 75% of the lights:

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