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Mathematical Modelling of String - Model 2

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About the project

It is a computer simulation of string, in that a string consists of a set of very small mass points. Physical laws apply between points. After a suitable activation (striking, hammering, etc.), the string model moves and creates vibrating movements. The sound calculation can be done for any tone and for any parameter setting of the model.

At one fixed end of the string, the "force" is scanned, and is converted to an audio output (WAV-file) to create a sound representation of the string vibration.

Simulation of string in 3D-space (with a small number of points):

This simulator also supports multiple strings to interact with each other (similar to piano or cimbalom). In addition, it also allows the creation of whole tone sets, whose tones would also be influenced (for example, by playing a tone on the cimbalom, strings of other tones are partially vibrated and not just on the basic frequency). In practice, however, I focused on a single vibrating string and creating the best sound - usable in music. I also called created sound "modelophone".

The calculation is done for a huge number of points, it is computationally- and time-consuming and therefore the calculation does not perform real-time.

Sound samples

- sample of generated tones in half-octave intervals

The following samples were played on a synthesizer with samples created by this simulator:

- sample 1

- sample 2

- sample 3 - bass guitar

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