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Animation Editor and Accessories

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An animation editor is a program for editing animations (i.e., videos created from images). This is a program that can modify the animation parameters (the duration of each image, the duration of the fading with the following image) and customize the animation to music or other sounds. In this way, it can be created classical animation (cartoon, puppet, clay, object animation, pixilation) using the computer.


Program features:

  • editor of image durations and timing, synchronization with sound,
  • creating transitions between images,
  • editing of the entire animation section at once,
  • animation images can be divided into subdirectories (e.g., by scenes),
  • "snap" function - fixation of animation points in time, so when changing the timing of other pictures, these points do not change in time,
  • built-in renderer - generating the resulting video (in QuickTime mov),
  • the possibility to change the aspect ratio of the image,
  • built-in player of either the selected section of the animation or the entire animation,
  • Undo and Redo (up to 100 steps) with remembering even after the program has ended,
  • automatic storage on disk and in case of emergency (power failure, etc.) restoration of work,
  • preserving all settings (display parameters, window size and location, etc.), so when the program is shut down and the next time the program runs exactly the way it is before it ends, including Undo and Redo,
  • language selection (Slovak or English).

In case of serious interest, I can provide the program and more information.

Block diagram of the animation studio:

Accessories are made up of the following programs:

  • Brightness correction program

    To run this program, you must have Java JRE installed.

    This way, it is possible to edit the photos taken with variable light conditions or with a flash so that the static areas of the photos will be similar in bright and color. This greatly reduces disturbing flickering of the animation.

    This program is not "user friendly" so you need to configure it via a text file and run it so that the Java console is visible (not with javaw.exe but with java.exe). But I believe that it will not be a problem for a serious user.

  • Program for automatic image resizing


    To run this program, you must have Java JRE installed.

    This program automatically checks the directory and all subdirectories, and when a large image occurs, it resizes it to the desired size. It uses a high-quality resizing method.

    The program only works under the Windows operating system.

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